Welcome To Bipolar Coaching


my name is Samantha Smirin.

Author of “Life Interrupted – A Bipolar Memoir” and bipolar coach driven to assist those living with bipolar and their supporters.

30 years ago, just after being diagnosed with bipolar, I began a life of shame hiding myself from the world.  I got lost in dangerous corridors of denial and loathed who I seemed to have become. 

30 years later I am a bipolar coach and publicly disclosed, unashamed, stable and happy and working tirelessly to help people affected by bipolar.  I started my work by publishing my acclaimed book “Life Interrupted – A Bipolar Memoir”

"Life Interrupted - A Bipolar Memoir"

I decided it was time to write a very honest story about Bipolar.  A story from someone who lived it, not someone who studied it.

I am here to be of service to two groups of clients

  • People living with bipolar who are experiencing a hopeless and undependable life and seeking ways to manage their lives.
  • Family members and loved ones of people living with bipolar who are experiencing anxiety and confusion.


My unique positioning is that I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist.  Rather I am a person living with bipolar who has 30 years of facing this often devastating illness.

I offer my decades of lived bipolar experience ensuring genuine empathy, reassurance and evidence that bipolar can be managed so as to thrive in life.

I have experienced personal transformation resulting in a thriving, well chosen life. 

I care because I’ve been there.


A free 30 minute telephonic consultation to discuss what your mental health coaching might entail

A wide range of mental health topics are addressed, to help identify what the best approach is for you to get back on track

The focus is on you, and your mental health. Establishing a healthy self, in remission, is our primary focus.

The consultations are one-on-one, and last about 60 minutes, where we work together to help you move forward.

Free support group on a bi-weekly basis for you to connect with like-minded individuals, and share your mental health experience.