Who I Am

I lived the most dependable life possible as a child.  Lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of creativity and great family life. A truly magnificant, safe, reliable and comfortable childhood was mine. 


After a successful end to matric I went to live in France.  Suddenly, after an extraordinary creative experience that went wrong, I became a mental health patient – diagnosed with manic depression as bipolar was then called. 


A journey of 3 decades started where everything fell apart, the very fabric of my life was torn. Shattered dreams.  Years and years of extreme suffering – in and out of hospitals, broken relationships, drug abuse, interrupted career and studies, self loathing, obsession with my illness and acute treatments like electroconvulsive therapy.


One day I could not continue anymore. In a moment of clarity I could no longer deny that I had bipolar and that I faced the greatest challenge of my life: how to escape the suffering.  How to manage bipolar.  How to dismantle the fear I lived with that this illness ruled my life.  That this was my destiny. 


I refused that this would not be my destiny.  I decided I would not do this anymore to myself and others.  I had to be the mother I needed to be to my child.  I had to leave the wounded 18 year old behind and step into the adult me.  I’m needed to learn how to ensure a life of stable and balanced moods.  And so my journey to a life reclaimed began.

What has my life become now?

I have moved out of the hopelessness of my life into a life where I have given myself the glory of health.

I am a mother, a published author, a successful bipolar coach, an artist and many other aspects and roles… and they are all based on me living and thriving with bipolar.

I have found ways to live in a world of stable and balanced moods

And yes there are times when my moods fluctuate and I despair, but now because I have connected so deeply to who I am, how I work and how very precious my life is, I find my way back to balance as I have the personal tools to do that which I will be sharing with you It took 3 decades to get to today. I can rely on my world – it is ordered, consistent and positive. It’s a new precious world. With brilliant potential that I can, and that am, activating. And now I stand and acknowledge my self value, self worth and the courage in having lived through what many cannot.