For you the Supporter

I help family members and loved ones of people living with bipolar who are experiencing anxiety and confusion.  I assist in navigating the stormy nature of a relationship with someone who lives with bipolar.

The objective is reassurance that the person living with bipolar can live a full and productive life once they take responsibility for managing their bipolar with support in place.

I offer an understanding of the illness experience and explore how to support the person living with bipolar and allowing them to look after themselves. 

Unlike therapists I have lived with bipolar for 30 years with direct experience of the impact that my illness has had on my family members and loved ones.

I know what the impact in family and loved ones is because sadly I have experienced it first hand. I know how frustrating it can be when service providers don’t give you crucial information and the support that you need. And when your loved one just doesn’t take control of their illness.  I understand how frightening and isolating your experience can be.

You wish to move from anxiety to reassurance that your person’s life can be managed.

You may be fearing that your family member or loved one living with bipolar may come to harm and not reach their full potential, not achieve a happy life and find some peace.

You may fear their behaviour and have anxiety as to their future.

You might be struggling to let go driven by a desire help and solve their problems.

You may find yourself stuggling to get rest and desperately need to recharge to confront what comes next.

You may indeed feel incapacitated and paralyzed.

You may not understand the illness and have a fear of the unknown.

You may have forgotten yourself along the way. Perhaps you need to generate kindness towards yourself and self-nurture.

You may have found you have not found support from professionals due to patient confidentiality, and feel side-lined.

You may not know what support you can get in the wider world.

Maybe you need to make time once again to “get on with your life”

Sometimes your best is enough.

You may require mediated sessions with the person living with bipolar. You might need to know it’s ok (and appropriate) to step away once you have done your best and put provisions in place.

To do this work you need to be:

You need to be willing to find a way and be kind, loving, consistent, flexible and sympathetic given the experience your loved one is having.

You need to remember that you are entitled to your own quality of life. 

You need to know there is no magic bullet and due to the chronic nature of this illness it will require consistent effort to maintain understanding and build mutually supportive relationships.

I will also work with both the person living with bipolar and their loved ones together to heal relationships.