For You Living With Bipolar

The objective of this work is move you from a hopeless and undependable life to establishing stable balanced moods. 

In this frame of mind anything is possible. You can prosper in life and avoid the potential devastation of unmanaged bipolar.

I offer personal transformation through original outomes-based set programs, self exploration and kindred empathetic conversations. 

You may fear getting sick again.

You may feel isolated and believe you are abnormal.

You may be asking the question why me?

You may be worrying what others think of you.

You are probably traumatized by your diagnosis and time spent in hospitals.

You may have lost your job and can’t handle work stress.

You may be unsure as how to, and whom to disclose to.

You may be battling to take your medication.

You may have relationship problems.

You most probably are wishing for stable and balanced moods.

You wish for tools and insight.

You want self worth.

You want to know self love.

You want to know self love.

You need self confidence and a way to manage bipolar so that you can pursue your dreams.

You want peace of mind.

You want a happy and peaceful life.

You may feel frustrated with the professional support you have received – “aimless” talking therapy and living the concept of the sick “patient.”  As well as too much focus on the past history. 

You may wish for communication between sessions that hasn’t been there

To do this work you need to be:

Committed and consistent in your sessions.

You need courage.

You need to take responsibility for your experience of the illness and the impact it has on those who love you.

You need to be coach-able, determined to change and looking for insight. You need to want to transform your life experience by ensuring a willingness to shift.

You need to be energised and enthusiastic.